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ABSINOP & TSC after brake job

This is a discussion on ABSINOP & TSC after brake job within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Did a rear brake job on the ol girl last month. Drove it today, first time its been started since ...

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    ABSINOP & TSC after brake job

    Did a rear brake job on the ol girl last month. Drove it today, first time its been started since the brake job. Now on my dash, i get ABS INOP and my TSC light wont go off. Didnt remember seeing sensors or anything when I changed rotors/pads. Any Ideas??
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    Don't know why the lights are on, but there is a sensor connection at each rear wheel on the traction control cars.

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    Without knowing the code it's setting we would just be guessing of course-but what it's telling you is the ABS system is not working,and because of that ,the TCS is off-line also. I've seen codes set because the wheels were rotated with the key on,it thinks it's a malfunction to have wheels rotating in the rear w/o wheels rotating in the front(or visa versa). Make sure you didn't accidentally disconnect one of the sensors at the back wheels. Look inside of the wheels for some wires going out to the ends of the axles,there will be a connector on both ends of the axle. If you accidentally set a code while working on it then it will reset itself,not sure how long that will take,oh- and make sure your mastercylinder isn't low on fluid. These are the easy fixes,everything else would take reading the codes.

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