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About to fire her up for Spring

This is a discussion on About to fire her up for Spring within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well, its that time of year...finally!! Anyone have any tips for bringing her back to life....I actually haven't done this ...

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    About to fire her up for Spring

    Well, its that time of year...finally!!

    Anyone have any tips for bringing her back to life....I actually haven't done this before.
    Btw, I left the battery in and connected. I'm a bit sketchy about my new neighbourhood so I wanted the alarm to stay running. I'm very very impressed that after 3 full months its still functioning...though I don't know if I will have enough juice to fire her up without a jump.

    I'm not really worried about that though...just wondering if there is anything else I should do before (or just after) starting up.

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    check and make sure theres no leaks, check the oil, and then go! let it run for a bit before driving it, and take it easy till it warms up
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    no you sould be good to go most of what you need to do is when you put it up at the end of the year. but when you do fire it up make sure you air pressere is good and that kind of stuff. then get it going and take her out for a drive. get out on the hiway and up to speed and temp. after that you will be good to go from there and have fun.

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    like they said make sure u get to temp and run her down the road for a while to get the condensation out of the exhaust and oil ran into all the nooks and crannies....WOO-HOO finally time to get them back out!!!!

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    yea I agree with 01 t/a......usually what you do before you put it up for the winter makes the difference when spring old is the fuel in the tank, did you put stabil in it before you stored? If not may want to put some of stabil or FI cleaner in the tank. Any varnish that was built up over the winter will hopefully get cleared out by the cleaner. unfortunately its too late to save the fuel thats in there if you didnt add anything to it so I would try to get it out of your tank and add new fuel with a cleaner if possible. Otherwise check your tire press, re torque your lug nuts, check for any drips or leaks, check your fluids, go over the whole car and engine bay looking for any small critters that have made a home and look for any chewed wires

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    Yea, thats pretty much the thing, all the prep is in fall and in spring you can pretty much turn the key and go.
    I was just curious if anyone would mention something like removing the spark plugs and putting a few drops of oil in each hole. A lot of the "old guys" around here swear by that before starting their rides in spring.

    Anyway...very impressed again with my battery life, fired it up on sunday and it went immediately. 95 days of running the security system without being charged in any way and it still had plenty of juice in it.

    OH, and as a bonus no torn up cats came flying out of the engine bay...I was a little worried that might happen actually.

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