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98z28 vs 99 z28

This is a discussion on 98z28 vs 99 z28 within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; does anybody no the differences between the 98 z28 and the 99 z28? They both have close to the same ...

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    99z28 a4

    98z28 vs 99 z28

    does anybody no the differences between the 98 z28 and the 99 z28? They both have close to the same amount of miles and are close in price so now i have 2 decide. neither have any major mods which is why i'm purchasing

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    I believe the only major difference would be the computers. I believe the 98 is a little more involved to tune as compared to the later years.
    If tuning yourself with good software is in your future it may be something to consider. But I don't think it's a real concern from a purchase standpoint.
    I'd be more concerned with condition, if it's been modded and abused etc....goodluck and enjoy.

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    Performance wise there the same, i would just dig in deep and check the history of both cars and check each one from top to bottom and then go with the one that is in better condition..
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    1998 Camaro SS

    The 98 well have larger fuel injectors from the factory (good if you plan on mods) and a little more aggressive cam. The 98 also wont have a blackbox data recorder.

    Thanks to third_shift|studios

    1998 F-Body

    1. Had different casting heads which had perimeter bolts and valve covers.
    2. Ignition coils were mounted to the valve covers one at a time.
    3. The water temp gauge actually works.
    4. 98's do have an oil life monitor, they just don't tell you anything when its time for a change. You can find it in Auto-Tap
    5. WS6s had single outlet exhaust (all others had duals)
    6. Steering wheel controls were completely different part with indentations on the buttons, and were better built
    7. Only year that Purple, Gold, and Green were available
    8. Some very early Trans Ams came with LT1 style headrests
    9. Rear hatch release was poorly designed and often caused problems releasing mechanism
    10. Early model 98 Monsoon stereos didn't have capability to control 12-disc CD changer
    11. 1998-1999 automatic transmission LS1s could be started in 1st gear even with the shifter in 2nd. Starting 2000, if you put the shifter in 2, it would start off in 2, even from a stop.
    12. 1998-1999 LS1 cars had a smaller throttle body cam, which caused the throttle to open to WOT (wide open throttle) faster than 2000+ cars
    13. 1998 cars had 28 lb fuel injectors from the factory
    14. 1998-2000 cars had a larger cam than the 01-02 cars
    15. 1998-1999 cars had more restrictive exhaust manifolds
    16. 1998-2000 cars had an LS1 intake with EGR
    17. 1998 and some early 1999 cars had blue outside rear view mirrors (Trans Am only)
    18. 1998 only LS1 blocks had a much smaller cylinder sleeve that only tolerated a .005" hone
    19. Last year F-body to use the old 15.5 gallon steel fuel tank.
    20. Only year LS1 F-body to contain a gas cap with a tether long enough to actually hang from the fuel door while open
    21. Only year LS1 F-body to not contain the famous GM black box used in the event of an accident to record up to 5 seconds of pre-crash data
    22. 1998 only cars had a different PCV system with the PCV valve located above the passenger side valve cover
    23. 1998 most cars did not have an idle adjustment screw on the throttle body. Some 98 cars do have the idle throttle stop set screws.
    24. 1998 cars have a completely different PCM from 99+ cars
    25. A production shortage of F-body cams caused the use of a C5 cam to be installed in F-body LS1s for a very short time
    26. 97-98 LS1's used a paper water pump gasket. The only gasket that isn't reuseable
    27. SSs did not ALL go to SLP starting in 98. Y2Y was the RPO code that sent them to SLP for additional options
    28. SS option did not "include" the Synthetic oil package, it was a SLP only Option

    1999 F-Body

    1. 1999-2000 cars switched to 26 lb fuel injectors
    2. Cylinder heads and valve covers redesigned to have center bolts instead of perimeter bolts. Other than that, the heads were the same.
    3. Redesigned cylinder sleeves that allowed for a small bore, up from .005" in 1998 models.
    4. Midyear model change to a cheaper steering wheel audio control button without finger indentations, and cheaper built
    5. 1999 cars continued the LS1 intake with EGR provisions
    6. 1999 cars continued more restrictive exhaust manifolds and larger cam
    7. Only year that Hugger Orange was available (Camaro only)
    8. 30th Anniversary Trans Am available with special blue and white paint package and blue clear coated WS6 wheels
    9. Switch to larger 16.8 gallon plastic fuel tank to meet new emissions requirements.
    10. Gascap tether was shorter and could no longer be used to hang on the gas door when open.
    11. Company wide change added black boxes to record up to 5 seconds of data before a crash
    12. Rear hatch release was redesigned with stiffer spring that released the hatch better
    13. Water temp gauge was redesigned to work basically as a dummy gauge and only show an overheat condition.
    14. An oil life monitor was added to all LS1s, thus changing the gauge cluster a little to show the oil life reset swtich
    15. 1999-02 cars had a different PCV system with the valve located to the side of the intake manifold
    16. Early production 1999 Trans Ams still had the blue outside mirrors, but a midyear change went to the non-tinted ones
    17. 1999 there was the color "Medium Blue Metallic" which was available on both the Camaros and Firebirds. Only one year of that color
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    99z28 a4

    thanks guys i went with the 99 it was only 3700 wit 108k and a few lil minor things that need to be addressed mainly all cosmetic

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