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98 Z28 drive-ability issues

This is a discussion on 98 Z28 drive-ability issues within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 98 Camaro Z28 LS1/6speed, 150000 miles. I have a drive-ability issues. When accelerating at mid throttle there ...

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    98 Camaro Z28

    98 Z28 drive-ability issues

    I have a 98 Camaro Z28 LS1/6speed, 150000 miles.
    I have a drive-ability issues. When accelerating at mid throttle there is a little power hick-up at 2500rpm, then under WOT it will not accelerate over 4200rpm. It acts like it just will not give any more. When it is out of gear it will rev through the rpm range with no problem. It is only under a load when it does this. At low RPMs it runs strong under load.
    I recently changed plugs and wires to NGK. Old plugs looked worn out but did not indicate any major issues.
    It has the following codes
    Are the codes for the o2 sensors a symptom of a different problem (fuel/air problem, bad cat, fuel pressure regulator etc ) or simply bad o2 sensors?
    Please share any ideas/hypothesis with me.

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    Well, if the secondary air is not working properly, there will be less O2 in the exhaust stream, and that seems to be a good place to start (the secondary air injection system).

    As for the flat spot at 2500, that might be a symptom of the other issues above, or it could be that your TPS is worn out on a certain spot (from being driven at that spot for the majority of it's life).

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    Secondary air system only comes on when the motor is first turned over and then shuts down shortly after that. You are right in that it pumps more oxygen though. It isn't really even needed and that's why a lot of people remove it completely, myself included.

    OP - I would start by cleaning your MAF and making sure you snapped the plug wires on all the way. I'll have to look those specific codes up later.
    It's on jackstands.

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    98 Camaro Z28

    Thanks guys
    I'll try that and let you know

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    P0137&157 could be the following. Possible bad cats, plugged exhaust, bad fuel pump. Condition will cause motor to not rev under a load. Causes could be from a contaminated maf. Fixes putting a fuel pressure gauge on and checking during driving conditions. Replacing cats. Checking pressure coming from exhaust in rear. Cleaning or replacing maf. Only after pump or exhaust problem fixed. Condition can also act like transmission problem
    P0410&415 secondary air. Probably bad fuse or pump it self. Fuse located under hood on drivers side fuse box. Pump only works on start up and should have nothing to do with above codes
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    My guess would be bad cats mine did the same when my driver side one went bad. If you dont need the air system for emissions then pull it most of us have already that can get away with it.
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