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98 engine knock

This is a discussion on 98 engine knock within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Car has 200 k miles and just got a knock the other day. Stoped driving and figured it needed a ...

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    98 engine knock

    Car has 200 k miles and just got a knock the other day. Stoped driving and figured it needed a rebuilb (which it does) but i would like to drive it the rest of the summer before taking a part for a full rebuild.

    question is do you think i got internal problems that a rebuild is needed or do you just think i could change the knock sensors and fix it?

    I heard 98's were known for bad knock sensors.

    basically it's lounder at different rpm's and if there is or isn't a load on it. in park it's pretty damn loud but goes away if put into gear at an idle. cars an automatic

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    Are you running premium gas already? How bad was the knocking- or was it just a little pinging? I've heard the 98's had very sensitive knock sensors, so maybe replacing it would help.

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    I have a 98 with 165,000 and have had no issues with knock sensors. Always run Premium gas though. Also you said knock not ping. So did you mean knock like a mechanical knock? Maybe you have a floated lifter or something?? If it is mechanical the only downfall to driving it is that something might shoot thru the block and then you wont' have something to rebuild.

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    What does your oil pressure look like and has it dropped lately? Could it be a spun bearing? Is it that kinda knock or are you talking about pinging? I suppose it could also be piston slap, does it go away after the car warms up?

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