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Could be. Mine's bone stock, save for tires and exhaust- 13K original miles.
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More on topic, to the OP, they are pretty durable cars- It's a 9C1 cop car for the most part. The higher mileage cars suffer from rattles and squeaks, and general wear and tear coupled with less than stellar interior materials to begin with. They of course share the LT1 stigmas as mentioned, Opti, Oil Leaks, etc, but I've seen many of 'em (any of the B Body Variants) come into the shop with 200K and more on the clock. One thing that was mentioned is roomy- That's an understatement. The thing is wider than my GM800 platform truck from doorpanel to doorpanel. It is a supreme pleasure on the highway, but a battleship around town. Hell with all that nonsense, I say get one, and enjoy it!!!
Love those yachts!