Hello All,

As with so many of you, I am currently rebuilding a C3. It is 80% there, and the last 20% are the trickiest.

I am doing this project all the way in Dubai, so have had to deal with a lot more issues than most of you, as the technical knowhow is practically noneexistant.

To summarize, I bought a 2002 Lumina SS engine, 2004 Vette headers, Tahoe air-flow sensor, Maxima fans and a Corolla compressor. All is working great finally, except the RPM gives about half the actual engine revolutions. I read somewhere that I need to put a resistor or something because the LS1 sensor sends only the reading from 4 cylinders and not 8. I cannot find that piece anymore and am stuck. I have searched the threads and also came out empty.

If anyone has had this issue, I would really appreciate the solution you have used.

Thanks in advance.