i have a LT1 also with a 700R4 tranny wiring harness n comp
was woundering since i dont have deep pockets would it b best 4 me 2 just use what i have n just upgrade the engine or alos get at TH400 or 4L80E
also of the 2 which is better
note the car is a 75 Chevy Malibu Classic
my dream is 2 punch 450 hp n 450 tq or so n the end of it all
i still am New 2 all of this so ull have 2 excuse me if i seem 2 have NO idea what the hell im talkin about cuz 2 a certain extent i dont
i just want 2 find out what i will need 2 do or buy n order 2 achieve this dream
plz all help is welcomed n im ALWAYS willin 2 learn