well.. i've actually made a bit of progress on my 69 camaro.. i got the inside of the car painted (matte black, really nothing more than to prevent corrosion).. i have about 60% of the interior installed to include carpeting, all molding, vinyl ceiling liner, and rear seat.. still lacking dash, center column, and front seats.. i've decided to go ahead and swap this 4.8l vortec in just for the time being so i can get everything running until i decide on what motor will reside in the engine bay..

I was thinking of using a Mast M90 stand alone ecm.. would this be a good choice? the guys are painless performance recommended the mast m90.. are their better stand alone ecms available? also anyone know a good source online to learn a little bit about wire tucking? i would like to keep the engine bay simple and clean looking.. in the spirit of keeping this car different.. i decided on a the paints i'm going to shoot it with.. charcoal black with light true blue stripes.. opinions welcome