#1 .Let me start would it be agreed that in general emissions have become more stringent especially here in cali?
#2. Could would it be translated into more complexity ( 2 catalytics 4- o2 sensors , computer controlled fans operating at higher temps, fuel injection,fuel pumps in the tank?
#3. Doesn't it all translate into more maintenance and or repairs and higher labor costs and or man hours of labor?
#4. Generally speaking of the LS-1 years what is this weakness concerning the rear end for a stock car?
#5. Isn't an iron block and heads generally more durable and less prone to headgasket problems?
#6. Why are these LS-1s considered state of the art at the time?
#7. Arent These LS1 year cars revered cause of power and relative good m.p.g.'s produced in the strickt emissions environment?
# 8. In bang for the buck arena isn't cause just the engine alone is worth how much? Maybe as much as you can but the whole car for?
#9. cars got a.b.s. dual airbags, 4 wheel disc brakes, arent they good in rollovers too?
#10. Aren't they built in mexico and canada though?