I sent my pcm to "speed scene wiring". He deleted the VATS, all the emissions, set it up for the tire size and gear ratio I am running, ect.

I got it running and driving, but I am having one problem I just cant figure out:

The VSS sencor on the back of the tranny output shaft it putting out a "bouncing signal"!!!!!

It is reading good at low speeds but when I accelerate the signal starts bouning. At 40 MPH cruising the VSS signal bounches between 16 MPH and 65 MPH. this couses the PCM to shift the tranny from 2nd, 3rd and forth gear, while I am trying to go a steady 40 MPH.

I replaced the VSS with a new one twice, I have adjusted the gap between the VSS and the reluctor ring about 10 times. I know the gap is not the problem. I have tried to adjust the "clocking" a few times with no luck. The reluctor ring is tight on the output shaft of the tranny. I dont know what is wrong.

Any ideas?