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2002 Trans Am Questions

This is a discussion on 2002 Trans Am Questions within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm curious, are all 2002 Trans Ams marked "Collector's Edition"? I have it written on my headrests, there is a ...

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    2002 Trans Am Questions

    I'm curious, are all 2002 Trans Ams marked "Collector's Edition"? I have it written on my headrests, there is a sliver plaque on my doors and a large trunksized piece of material..leather on one side and fabric on the other that says "collectors edition" (By the way, I don't know what this large piece of material is actually for) LOL

    I would also like to know, What does the door code WS9 on my door sticker mean?

    Is a build date of April 2002 quite late? ... Perhaps one of the last, or were a lot of 2002s built late in the year?

    Did all 2002 WS6's come with GoodYear F1 tires?

    Losts of questions I know...but what can I say, I love my new toy!

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    i'll do what i can...

    i believe ws9 is the code for formula; which every trans am is

    no, not all were collector's edition. I think you'd know if yours was a true one--yellow with all the black 'feather' decals. If yours isn't like that, someone prolly added those touches that are on yours themselves.

    and yes, the oem tire on the ws6 was the goodyear f1's

    i know nothing about build dates, and hope the above is helpful (and accurate.. )

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    2002 WS6

    Yeas your build date is late and may be why you have that gear, some time they strange things as production come to a close. but most likely it was added post purchase.

    The service date on my car is June/July I think of 2001.

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