Hello - one of our T/As is a 2002 Convertible with 34,000 miles. At its last emissions test, it failed because the 'Check Engine' light is out. Problem is, unlike the earlier cars, it appears that rather than being a regular light bulb, the 'check engine' light is actually an L.E.D., soldered directly to the panel circuit board.

Anybody have experience with this issue? I called our local Chevy dealer (as there's no more PONTIAC dealers!! WAH!) and service manager says the only 'real' way to repair is to replace the cluster @ $350. Gotta be kidding, right?!?

I know I could probably de-solder and replace if really needed, but is there an easier way? It just seems ridiculous. We just had the same thing on a '97, twisted out the bad bulb, replaced it and were done in 10 minutes.