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1998 Camaro SS - Chug, Rpm increase???

This is a discussion on 1998 Camaro SS - Chug, Rpm increase??? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Dear LS1 Community, I just purchased a '98 Camaro SS with 99K miles on it. Everything stock except a cat-back ...

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    Unhappy 1998 Camaro SS - Chug, Rpm increase???

    Dear LS1 Community,

    I just purchased a '98 Camaro SS with 99K miles on it. Everything stock except a cat-back exhaust system. Everything worked great however, any time I buy a used car - I replace all the fluids and filters and give it a tune-up.

    Anyways, it ran great for the first 50 miles. However, once I took the screen out of the MAF sensor (which I put 20 miles on after it and it ran fine before these issues).

    This morning on my way to work (stop and go, mixed with 10 miles of highway) - the car kept chugging (and even died, when i put it in reverse to straighten my parking) and the rpm's would go from 2000 to 2500 rpm suddenly, which played havoc on the transmission. Sometimes it would shift down, sometimes the engine would just spin faster and go the same speed. Had to put it in Neutral when at a stop light to keep it from pushing through the brakes

    I don't know whether it is the MAF sensor or possible tranny issue. In any case I am going to clean the MAF sensor and detail all the connections.

    Please let me know if there is anyone who has experienced similar or know what the problem could be?

    Thank you!


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    Put the screen back in---period !!! This causes soo many problems with automatic cars as the MAF reads load values to set the trans line pressures--Eventually if you don't re-callibrate your MAF--you will waste your tranny---Besides--a stock screenned MAF (if it came with a screen) is good for 500 HP anyway--So there is no resaon to take the screen out--You won't be getting any more airflow with it out anyway--and I'm sure the power will be down too--A de-screened MAF or ported MAF body will make maybe 2-5 more HP ONLY if you precisely re-calibrate the entire HZ range in the computer--This takes a full blown tuner and data-logger to do correctly and can take hours or logging and driving to get right--Not worth he headahes--
    PS I have a hds/cam C5 vette with 390 RWHP---A4 automatic with a 2600 stall and I use the STOCK screened MAF--Works perfectly--I tried a ported de-screened MAF and after a week took it out--It was horrible--And I'm a tuner--and i wouldn't take the time and effort involved in callibrating it--It's just not worth the trouble-----

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    Put the screen back in bud. GM isn't in the business of putting extra parts on their cars. What ever those "mods" provide in hp gains aren't worth the drivability issues they cause. Good luck and enjoy your new car.

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