Hi,Ive had this car for sometime now and have done alot of work to it.Recently ive been having a popping issue and it doesnt seem to be running right.It has a somewhat rough idle and when i give it gas in nuetral from idle it seems to be not wanting to rev to quickly.The car has a new accel opti new wires and ngk tr55 plugs.Ive looked for any arcing and cant find anything at all.It also sounds like an exhaust leak when accelerating hard but i think it must be from the missfire I had a random misfire code p0300.the only thing that hasnt been touched are the fuel injectors.The car has 90,000 miles.Also when cold it seems to pop alot more when revved it sounds bad it only pops when the throttle is let off or decellerating.Does anybody have any ideas if this could be a vaccum leak or injector problem i dont know what to do next or what to test.It seems to be always something with it and it sucks.I also cahanged the fuel pump recently due to a leak in the tank.