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160 or 180 Thermostat?

This is a discussion on 160 or 180 Thermostat? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Anyone know the pros and cons on a 160 / 180 degree thermostat? I've heard before to not go too ...

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    Question 160 or 180 Thermostat?

    Anyone know the pros and cons on a 160 / 180 degree thermostat? I've heard before to not go too low, however 180 is only 15 degrees below the stock unit. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    My owners manual says stock thermostat is a 180. I run a 160 with the fan temps set low and haven't had any problems. Once open the fans regulate the temp.

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    i heard you need the fan cut on reset but i think a tuner would have to do it.????
    i want to go to a 160 myself but this is why i havent

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamaz28 View Post
    i heard you need the fan cut on reset but i think a tuner would have to do it.????
    i want to go to a 160 myself but this is why i havent
    A tuner or get a handheld tuner or install a manual fan switch.

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    If we are talking about the LS1 then the "advertised" 160 temp is your only option. All these thermostats are,,,are simply modified stockers with a spacer for an earlier open temp.

    They actually crack open around 172 degrees or so,,,,and operate in the 175 range.

    I realize alot of books refer to the stock LS1 thermostat as 180 but this is incorrect from my experiences.
    The stock thermostats I have seen on LS1's scanning with a laptop (mine included) actually show a crack open temp around 194-195 degrees and is fully open around 200 degrees.
    I have even had my stock thermostat in a pot of boiling water recently with a thermometer, and verified almost exactly what the computer was telling me. Hope that helps.

    As far as the fans go,,,,you can install the thermostat alone without any ill affects,,,,as it will only run these cooler temps when the car is in motion and getting airflow. It will however still warm up over the 200 degree range while in traffic since the stock fan settings are up in that range.
    Basically there will be a larger temp swing. Would be best to program the fans as mentioned above though. Cheers.

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    We have debated this in great detail before. I see that you are new here. Try using the search engine we have in the tool bar. It will pull up different responses when you change the wording slightly.

    I'll give you a short response and post some links.
    The 160 will almost constantly stay open which is NOT the best, You can drill a couple bypass holes in the stock and receive the same cooling. I prefer NO cooler than a high flow 180. If anything less I just put a washer that is used as a restriction. Your radiator can't cool if it is none stop moving. You want the thermostat to shut hold in rad. for a min to cool than open to do the same again with hot coolant from the motor. Not to mention ring sealing won't be the best if too cold.

    160 Degree Thermostat

    question about 160 thermosthat

    question about 160 thermosthat

    160* Thermostat
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