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10% Ethanol Stickers...

This is a discussion on 10% Ethanol Stickers... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ...just appeared on the pumps at my local Exxon station where I have been buying 93 for years. Should I ...

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    10% Ethanol Stickers...

    ...just appeared on the pumps at my local Exxon station where I have been buying 93 for years. Should I start buying gas elsewhere?
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    Oh wow, thats Not good, Im sure everyone is going to start running into that. Personaly i would start buying fuel elsewhere. I read up a bit on the "problems with ethanol" heres what i found..

    Several of the outstanding ethanol fuel issues are linked specifically to fuel systems. Fuels with more than 10% ethanol are not compatible with non E85-ready fuel system components and may cause corrosion of ferrous components. Ethanol fuel can negatively affect electric fuel pumps by increasing internal wear, cause undesirable spark generation,and is not compatible with capacitance fuel level gauging indicators and may cause erroneous fuel quantity indications in vehicles that employ that system.It is also not always compatible with marine craft, especially those that use fiberglass fuel tanks.

    Using 100% ethanol fuel decreases fuel-economy by 15-30% over using 100% gasoline; this can be avoided using certain modifications that would, however, render the engine inoperable on regular petrol without the addition of an adjustable ECU. Tough materials are needed to accommodate a higher compression ratio to make an ethanol engine as efficient as it would be on petrol; these would be similar to those used in diesel engines which typically run at a CR of 20:1, versus about 8-12:1 for petrol engines.
    In April 2008 the German environmental minister cancelled a proposed 10% ethanol fuel scheme citing technical problems: too many older cars in Germany are unequipped to handle this fuel. Ethanol levels in fuel will remain at 5%
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    They have been doing that for years here in New York. I havent noticed any problems with any vehicles. My Tahoe now has 164,000 on it and runs fine. If they went above 10% I think vehicles that werent designed for it would have problems.

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    There are still quite a few stations around here that sell 100% gas,,,but I don't know how long that will last.

    I avoid the 10% ethanol stations if at all possible. I don't care for any alcohol based fuel anymore. That shit is VERY corrosive. We wouldn't even let it sit in the race car overnight. Always stuck a gas carb on the motor and ran it for a minute or so if it was going to sit for any length of time. Oil changes also came much more frequently.

    The upkeep to maintain it plus the added consumption was enough to steer me away from it completely, even just the 10% stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, it makes great power if you can put up with it.
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