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02 WS6 with intermitten overheating

This is a discussion on 02 WS6 with intermitten overheating within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 02 WS6 with no mods at all to my knowledge. I had a 99 Trans Am and ...

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    02 WS6 with intermitten overheating

    I have a 02 WS6 with no mods at all to my knowledge. I had a 99 Trans Am and this one is much stronger with a much different power curve. I suspect the last person ported the heads but not for sure. My problem is that in city driving the temp will jump up to 240 or so but not always. Sometimes it will stay right at 200 but you can smell the coolant. When you look at the radiator cap on the backside there is a small hose. Anytime I smell coolant it comes from either the backside of the radiator cap or right at the base of the small hose just below the radiator cap. I have changed the thermostat as well as flushed out the system. It seems I either have an overpressure situation or I have air in the system. I had the system done by someone who knows LS1's so I know he did it right. He said the thermostat was bad but the system is holding pressure just fine. My question would be when they check to see if it will hold pressure do they do it through the radiator? If so how do you check the radiator cap to see if it is holding the pressure?

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    Any NAPA or AutoZone will leak test your radiator cap....

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    I will give that a shot. Thank you.

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    cooling problem

    I just found on my 01 that the hoses were reversed. The return from heads was above the cap and the overflow was below the cap. it took a while for it to overheat but once it did after much looking and testing of the thermo I realized these hoses were reversed. If your system pressurizes then this is not the cause. My was not pressurizing for the longest time. FWIW

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    Like said above take a look at your rad cap.
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    well i have now replaced my rad cap and it seems to have slowed the leek. i checked to see if the rad had pressure in it after sitting all night and it didnt so that leads me to believe its not too serious. i havent had the opportunity to get underneath and tell where exactly the leek is coming from. i can see that it is dripping onto the front, middle edge of the k-member. we got like 16 inches of snow this past weekend so i havent had the opportunity to drive it much or get under it. i am very interested to see where it is coming from. i am about positive its not coming from the waterpump but who knows unless you can look from the bottom. i appreciate all your help. if this freakin snow every melts i will let you know where its coming from. i just hope its not something like a cracked block or head.

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    Also check your lower radiator they get worn it will colapse and shut down the coolant circulation.

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    well i finally got underneath the car and it is definately coming from the passenger side. it looks like it is coming from the water pump. does anyone have any suggestions as far as a replacement? should i spend the money on an electric?

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    leaking from the weep hole. Time for a new pump. If you have the cash laying around for an electric one then why not. Gain a few ponies in the process.

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    classic-REPLACE THE WATER PUMP GASKETS and magicly all your trouble will disappear.

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    ^^^How can you say it's the gasket without even seeing the car...water pumps do go out ya know. Also he has a 02, the pump gasket is better then the earlier years.

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    i'm pchycic PLUS i've seen this happened about 100 times.The stock gaskets fail.GM has a updated gasket.GO GIT UM and no mo overheating.

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