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02' Sensor Troubles

This is a discussion on 02' Sensor Troubles within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello, I have a 1999 Trans Am WS6. I put a new set of long pacesetter headers. Since then I ...

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    02' Sensor Troubles

    I have a 1999 Trans Am WS6. I put a new set of long pacesetter headers.
    Since then I have problems with engine codes on the 02's.
    After changing headers the original 02's code were coming up with heater problems. I bought 2 new 02's and put them in. Now the code came up PO134 read no activity Bank 1 Sensor1 twice. I swaped 02,s and still had the problem. I bought another 02 and put it in the bank2 sensor2. Still had the check engine light coming up with bank1 sensor1. I swap the 02's and the trouble moved to the other bank. . I found out both 02's I bought were bad. I bought another sensor and put it into bank1 sensor 1.
    Thought that this would finish the job. Well driving again I got another code. PO134 again.Same code twice. It has moved again. The code I am getting are
    po134 and po154.
    Any else having this crazy problem.

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    Have you checked to see if any of your wires are touching the headers?

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    I had the same problems. Detatch your battery from the car and leave it over night. Connect them in the morning and it will reset the computer. I took it to 3 different shops. One of them which owns camaros. He stated that the O2 sensors on the camaros need maintaining regularly. He said every 1000 miles put a fuel injector cleaner in the tank. He said after he did that he has never had that problem. im currently trying that and so far so good.

    If not you might have some vacuum leak problems but I highly doubt that.

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    Are your sensor wires melted anywhere? How many miles inbetween 02 changes? Did you use 02 extensions or did you "splice"? Im assuming you did put 02 simulators in the rear correct?
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