i did each kit seperately to see how they did. 100 dry, 100 wet and 150 wet. then, i did the 100 dry and the 150 wet together with the 150 wet coming on at 3900 rpms.

list of mods:
SLP airlid
K/N filter
autolite 103 plugs .035 gap
gutted cats
Bassani tru-duals
Yank PY3400E
3.73 gears
18x9.5 factory C5 wheels with 285/35-18 tires
factory fuel system

NA vs 100 dry. placement of the dry nozzle made this only achieve 65 rwhp. fuel pressure dropped 4 psi.

NA vs 100 wet. this is the first time i ever got more than what the jet chart rates the given jetting. got 123 rwhp out of it. fuel pressure dropped 4 psi.

NA vs 150 wet. got 152 rwhp out of a 150. fuel pressure dropped about 10 psi by the end of the run. starting to see a problem here.

NA vs 100 dry and 150 wet. 100 dry at the beginning of the run at 3200 rpms and the 150 wet on at 3900 rpms. fuel pressure dropped 15 psi before the end of the run and aborted. end result, factory fuel pump is giving out. the drop wasn't slow either. 192 rwhp out of a rated 250 shot. with a better fuel pump and getting to peak rpms, i'll most likely get real close to the 250 rwhp mark.