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‘02 Z28, Bolt-On Mods, Before & After Dyno Numbers

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    ‘02 Z28, Bolt-On Mods, Before & After Dyno Numbers

    I recently went through the typical “Bolt-On mods” for my ’02 Z28 m6. I was curious how much I’d really be gaining from the mods I’d be doing so I had the car dyno’d before and after the mods (same DynoJet dyno used both times). I Thought I’d post the results for those who may have the same questions I did before I started. Fuel used in both dyno runs is 93 octane (10% ethanol) from Costco, although the tank used for the “after” dyno run had TC-W3 two-stroke oil added (1oz/5gal) as described in this thread.

    The “Before” configuration:
    Car was 99% stock, a stock tune on the PCM & had just under 79k mi on it. Changes from stock include (not saying these have anything to do with power, just laying it all out there for the reader to use as they please):
    • Subframe connectors
    • New billet steel flywheel
    • New Centerforce Dual Friction clutch
    • New clutch master & slave cylinders
    Dyno results for this stock configuration resulted in peak numbers of 299.67hp/323.36ft-lb torque. Here’s the chart:

    The “After” configuration:

    • SLP Air Lid
    • SLP Smooth Bellow
    • Free Ram Air mod
    • K&N Air Filter
    • ARH 1-3/4” primary Headers w/3” catted Y-pipe
    • DEI Header Wrap (only wrapped primaries up to but not including the welds on the collectors)
    • Magnaflow 3” Cat-Back Exhaust
    • New front O2 sensors (Bosch 13111)/reused stock rear O2 sensors
    • 160° Thermostat
    • MSD 8.5mm wires
    • New AC Delco 41-985 plugs
    • Saikou Michi Stage 1 LS1 Dual Oil Catch Can
    • Tuned By Frost mail order tune
    • New Fuel Filter
    • Prothane Poly Motor & Tranny mounts
    Note: I retained the AIR system

    Dyno results for the “After” configuration resulted in peak numbers of 336.95hp/347.18ft-lb torque. Here’s the chart

    Hope this helps…

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    Hey Mark,

    That doesn't look too bad to me

    As I mentioned in the email, with you having that graph with AFR, I can update your PCM for free since you are less than 90 days out and we can further refine your WOT fueling. From the looks of it, there is nothing to gain at peak at all, but there may be a couple o' ft/lbs down lower.

    Thanks for taking the time to post up your results.

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    Glad to post the results. Hope it helps someone else in the future. Glad you guys could use the feedback as well.

    Its good to know about the 90 day policy. I'd like to enjoy the car a bit longer before I make a decision though since that would mean I'd be taking the car out of service for another week ;-)

    Thanks again guys!

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