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gauging interest in holding a cannonball run on east coast

This is a discussion on gauging interest in holding a cannonball run on east coast within the Road Racing / AutoX forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Hey just wondering who would be interested in participating in a Cannonball run from northern New York down the east ...

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    gauging interest in holding a cannonball run on east coast

    Hey just wondering who would be interested in participating in a Cannonball run from northern New York down the east coast to Miami or so. Incase you aren't sure what a cannonball run is, it is a cross country race. There have been quite a few held in the US in past years. However these were very expensive and the cars were some of the most expensive and highest end cars out there. Plus it was geared towards millionaires and the participation fee was so high that very few could participate. So what I am proposing is that we have our own cannonball run but instead of New York to LA in 5 days, we make it New York to Miami or Daytona Beach in 3 or 4 days. Basically there is a set amount of checkpoints that you drive (race) to along the way to the finish line. Most of the drives are about 600 to 800 miles per day. At the checkpoint each night at a 5-star hotel, there is a huge party, and meet with all the drivers as they all arrive. Then the next morning they depart on thier way to the next checkpoint. Now in order to save some cash we don't have to have such high end expensive parties each night. And I can work on getting sponsors for this. But we would need a good 150 to 300 cars to make it worth it and make it easier for sponsors. So I propose that if we choose to do this, I can organize it but I will need a hand with booking the hotels, getting sponsors, and getting all the little details worked out. If I can get enough people interested then I will try and have one at the end of the season this year, or shoot for next year. It will probably be fairly expensive, but I am very confident that it will be a time to remember. I have a dvd of a cannonball run that took place in 2002 from New York all the way through to L.A. The cool thing is that, there is no set route, you have a start point and a checkpoint. You can take whatever route you want. It looked so fun. You must take into consideration though the cost of this per car. There is gas, food, hotel fees, and any other things you would need to purchase. If we have enough interested then I can hold a meeting for everyone and show them what exactly this is. Also, I would open this to anyone in any car club that wants to participate. This way there will be a huge variety of cars and people to make it even more fun. From what I have seen, there are usually 2 to 4 people per car since you are driving for about 8 to 10 hours a day, so you can't drive that all the way through without falling asleep. Plus it is more fun when you have people in the car. Right now I can't think of any other details about this. I can assure everyone that if we do this it will be a trip to remember. Now this isn't really a "race" since you can't speed the whole way there. It's more less a fun road trip with a huge amount of cars in the caravan all going to the same place. I am sure we can get a large amount of sponsors to help cover costs. So anyone that would like to participate and help with this, post on here. Whether you think it's a good idea or not, post your thoughts. If we do this I need as much time as possible to get this organized and make sure that we have a large enough hotel and parking area to stay in every night. Like I said, I will try and make this a 3 day trip, maybe 4. It will end with a huge blowout party at our last checkpoint. We can figure out some type of prize for the drivers. As well as a large banquet for everyone. I am very excited about this. As I was saying I have a dvd of a previous race that took place. Only thing that sucks is that the past few cannonball runs have taken place in Europe, so I would like to have our own in the US again, and make it affordable for everyone that wants to participate. So please post your thoughts and if you would be willing to participate or help organize this event. Thanks for taking the time to read this and give your opinion. I can't wait to see if we have enough people interested to hold this amazing event.

    Thanks everyone

    Feel free to email me at or IM me on AIM at WS six six six to share any ideas

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    Would be fun as hell but expensive for sure.

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    yes, but once I get a good idea of how many cars will be participating I will start approaching sponsors to get some of the costs covered. I had planned a race at a local dragstrip last year, and had a few companies ready to cut me a check as long as I hung thier banners at the race and gave credit on the dvd. But I ran out of time and the track changed prices on me so it didn't happen. But I imagine if we promise to have the company name or logo on each car participating, they will be seen in every state from new york to miami and at every show or drag strip that we visit along the way. Shouldn't be to hard to get some cash to help cover the hotel costs, food, and some gas covered. I was just seeing if there is a decent amount of people willing to participate in this. If so then I am going to get some guys together and get all the details figured out and get some sponsors for us

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    Haha, this would be awsome to do, but expensive on gas and hotel stays, and would definitely run up the mileage bout 2K miles on your car :-/. my friends and i are having a race on friday from our town to a mall thats about 30 minutes away. objective here is, get there as fast as possible, go to a restaurant, order something, and get back as fast as possbile. its a 30 dollar buy in, we have 32 people in on it already. first one back takes all the money.

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    LOL, good luck, nice screen name too, duder

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    I loved the Cannonball Run movie...with John Candy, may he RIP.

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