NORA/ASCC Autocross - July 19-20

July 19 is a charity event
Benefit UMDF: United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.
A short tid-bit to why I'm involved and what's going on... My aunt passed away on my 16th birthday from this disease, it slowly eats away at your cells, basically destroying your muscles and organs. Anyway, there are plenty of benefits going on year round, but I'd like to have my own that's a bit more personal and want to get some friends to join along.

Cost: $30 for EVERYONE (NORA/ASCC member and nonmember)

I would like to make sure we make that and get close to $500-$1000 raised for the foundation.. yeah it may be a stretch but who cares, it's worth it. I will be sending an email to UMDF today to see if they can make it out, or send us some type of donation perhaps as well.

July 20 is our regular points event

Eastlake Captains Baseball Stadium

Charity Event: $30.00
Regular Event Members: $25.00
Regular Event Non-Members: $35.00

There is a $5 penalty for registering on-site. Please pre-register at by 5pm the Friday before the event.

7:00am - course setup
7:30-9:00 - registration
7:45-9:15 - tech (all cars and helmets will be inspected...please have your car cleaned out, helmet in car, and your numbers on)
9:15 - novice course walk
9:30 - MANDATORY drivers meeting at the trailer
10am - First Car Off!

Novices: Check out the ASCC Autocross Guide