i just recently bought a SS camaro with the following mods: Mac ory, dynomax race bullets, mac lt's, bbk 80mm, volant cold air, mahle 10:7:1 forged pistons, scat 4340 rods, 248/254 619/625 thunder cam, egr is off, M6,
z06 clutch. i got a set of bfg drag radials on the back. i got the car 3 days ago and took it to the local 8th mile track and i found out that i had the clutch pedal sticking problem so i didn't get it into third and ran a 8.80@78mph coasting thru the traps. 60' was a 2.1 the guy i bought the car from has never had it tuned and i was kinda wondering what i should be able to run with these mods and a stock 3.42 rear. i launched at about 4500 and just let it roll out so i would spin instead of bog. any info would be greatly appreciated.