I had great time at the track today as always. I ran a best of 13.4 @ 107mph, 2.2 60ft time, half tank of gas, BFG G-Force tires @24.5 psi, 102k miles on the car, all stock except exhaust, LS6 intake, SFCs, Frost mail order tune, and some small other things.
I couldn't not hook even a little bit at the line. So I had to choose between putt-putt or blow the tires off at the starting line. Launching with a manual is tough stuff.

Here's some pics from today.
The buddies and cars/motorcycle I went to the track with. Black Mustang has T-Bird Turbo Coupe turbo 4 cylinder with a Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Turbocharger and a 75 shot of nitrous.
Green Mustang has a turbo 5.0 V8 with a transbraked AOD
Motorcycle is a Yamaha R1

Interesting stuff we saw. Here's a wheel stander the leaped all 4 tires off the ground and the next pics is of 2 regular Semis running 23 second 1/4 mile times for some reason

And my best run out of 4 tries.