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Time guess

This is a discussion on Time guess within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I know these threads are tiring but I just wanna know for the heck of it where she stands. So ...

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    Time guess

    I know these threads are tiring but I just wanna know for the heck of it where she stands.

    So far 00 Z28 Auto stripper 3506 race weight (give or take 10 both kids were in the car when I weighed in at 3606 and they are roughly 50 lbs each). All Free mods, SLP lid, Bellows, K&N, SLP 1.85's with Z06 springs, True duals, 2.73's, LCA's, welded in SFC's, KYB Gasadjusts rear, KYB adjustables front, and WAAAY too stiff WS6 springs. With that set up so far best of 13.20@106 (friend driving) my best 13.30@107 spinning baaadly on street tires.

    Now... I just installed an LS6 intake, Pacesetters (running open headers until everything is in place), egr/air delete, Adjustable PHR, New Tr55's, MSD superconductors, Finished the trans with all the good stuff tonight, All Colene steels, ALto red clutches, Kevlar band, Beast sunshell, Hardened sprags, All super Servos, Art Carr hardened input shaft and beefed drum, line pressure turned up a tad and a few more trans tweaks, and my Vigilante 3500 will go in when I install the trans tomorrow. Saturday I'm putting in my moser 9 inch with the 4.10 gears and detroit locker and bolting on a set of slicks and weakening the rear springs a bit so it will squat. Royal purple fluids throughout. (engine trans and rear).

    Sooooo any guess as to what this combo will run? We want to run it like this before I install the cam/fully upgraded valvetrain, nitrous, injectors, fuel pump and tune. I want to know what the setup should run as is as a friend has a 5.0 that runs consistant 12.87's who is running his mouth. I told him i'd probably beat him without my cam and without the gas with nothing but bolt ons and the stall and gears and slicks. So any guesses on the time I should run with the following -

    3506 Race weight, all free mods, LS6, pacesetters open headers (ya its waaay loud), Lid/K&N, Bellows, SLP 1.85's with Z06 valvesprings, 3500 stall, built trans, Moser 9 inch with locker and 4.10's, slicks, SFC's, LCA's, Adj PHR, royal purple fluids, and maybe UMI adjustable torque arm if it comes in on monday like its supposed too.

    A few who don't know much about LS1's but say my car is capable of 12's with just DR's as is with traps of 106+ are telling me low 12's but I'm pessimistic. I know I should have no problem with the 5.0 but I want a round about figure so I won't be too surprised/disappointed.

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    mine went 12.9 @109 1.998 60 with slp cai, headers w magnflow, tune, 2.73 gears, and nitto 555r 245/50-16, 80 degree night 3540 weight

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    What springs do you plan on running then....?
    I would suggest going to the junk yard and getting some stock 6 cylinder springs and buying some real shocks for the rears those KYBs are WAY wrong valving for what your tring to do.
    It all depends on if you can get the suspension to work. I would estimate 12.90-50's depending on the tune your altitude at the track and if it hooks play a major roll on what that et is going to be!!!!
    Don't be afraid of the bottle!!! Be afraid of your tune!!!

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