Ok so with the busted rear endlink and no subframes I was sitting at a best (in texas) of a 12.6 and consistant 12.8 runs. Now My worst run was a 12.6.. Four 12.5 passes and the first pass of the night is below. I wish I could have run more early in the night because as the night progresses the track gets worse and I think she had a lil more in her bu I had to wait for a helmet before I was allowed to run again. I am still spinning like crazy and am determined to only do suspension and tires to get her back in the 11's before I have my heads/cam installed..

best run:
.74--- reaction time
2.04--- 60 FT
5.34--- 330 FT
8.12--- 1/8 ET
89.11--- 1/8 MPH
12.45--- 1/4 ET
112.36--- 1/4 MPH