Goal is 11.6 and 125 mph. Let me know if this is too optimistic, for a 90% street compromise car.

Best I can manage @ Grand Bend on Stock F1s (275 40 r17) is:

60' ...... 2.190
330 ..... 5.708
1/8.......8.446 @ 89.92
1/4.......12.741 @ 115.81

Now on July 7th I tried on F1GSD3s (315 rear and 275 front) and I only dropped my 60' by .05, my 1/4 time by .1 and actually dropped my trap speed by 3 mph!!!

Best times are with Traction Control ON

I can't go to a skinny front due to my porsche brakes, so I think I'm limited to drag radials. I'm told not to mix radial fronts with slick rears for safety.

(Should I waste my time practicing on street tires, or wait and get some 15 x 10s and some drag radials? If Drag radials which ones 275, 325

Thank you.


98 Camaro SS, 35,000 km. (6000 km on turbo Summer Street only)
Stock Motor (except 918 springs)
single log manifold kit T-63 (piping made by Stainless works for a Non Sponsor)
7psi on MBC
Borla exhaust QTP cutout no cats
Upgraded fuel pump and 42 lb injectors
SMC methanol progressive methanol (on @ 2psi, full flow @ 10 psi)
20 degrees timing
Moser 12 bolt 3.73
Spohn torque arm, relocation brackets and LCA set to -1
Spece 3 clutch
SLP SFC, STB, Eibach pro springs, Bilstein HDs, Energy bushings
AMW catch can.
Prostop front porche brake kit, rear brakes stock.
275 17 F1 GSD3 front, and 315 GSD3 rear @ 21 psi strip.
Rear bump stops relocated inboard, and BFH inner fender mod, rolled fenders.

(peak 448 rwhp, 543 rwtq, 90 degrees 100% humidity, 600ft