I went to this track out in Temple Texas last night and ran 3 passes..
First one was a 13.6 ET 108mph but I kicked outta gear..
Second run was a 12.6 ET 113mph and she ran very well once I got her going
Last run was a 12.9 ET 112 mph and once again ran very well once she got past the 60..

All runs had from 2.2 - 2.3 60 ft times which SUCKS!!! lol
I am sitting on Nitto DR's and had 20 PSI first run 17 the second and 15 the third.. It was roughly 40 degrees outside and a newly paved track though so once it heats up outside I plan to come back with some new number.. I was trapping pretty high for my times so im hoping to go back once it warms up and get her back into the 11's again if I can pull 1.6- 1.8 60's like I was used to back in FL!! Oh yeah and the best run had the worst 60.. a 2.3 and put her a little sideways coming off the line and spun a little going into 2nd..