well my 1-2 shift is perfect(6100rpm) but my 2-3 was still off, rev. limit is at 6500 and the shift is at 6500rpm, i still took it to the track and ripped off some good times, but it felt like the motor(which is stock except full bolt ons) seems to shut off past 6300rpm, now i set my shift mph from 74 down to 70 and now it shifts (2-3) at about 6100-6200, seems to more powerful at the beginning of third opposed to the end(past 6200rpm) of second. Question is do you think i can gain more time in the 1/4 mile from this, really trying to get into the 11's with stock internals

does anyone know what a bolt on ls1 dyno numbers are at 6,100/6,200/6,300/6,400 and 6,500rpm?

i would imagine if the power diff from 6200 to 6500 is any more than a 20hp drop then my car may pick up a .1 and 1 mph in the quarter

most guys who run my 1/4 mile trap speed of 111.3 also trap an 1/8 mile time of 88.5 or better mine is 87.8

times are;

2000 auto camaro
13.54 @ 104 2.049 60' stock 2.73

12.94 @ 109 2.002 60' full exhaust, lid, tune, nitto 555r 2.73

12.279 @ 111.06 /1.740 60' /7.840 @ 87.8 mph 1/8 mile; full exhaust, lid, tune, nitto 245/50-16 555r 3.73 moser 12-bolt 2800 fuddle, ls6 intake manifold, slp under drive pully.

if i could still go to the track i would but its closed til march. just need something to look forward to