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running 12`s

This is a discussion on running 12`s within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by allbaugh_04 Just make sure you get some tires. No point in having all that power if you ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by allbaugh_04 View Post
    Just make sure you get some tires. No point in having all that power if you can't use it. I've lost to people I shouldn't have cuz I spun all the way to 2nd gear. Then they talk shit about beating you by a car or two. Fags...but anyways ahah
    Ya tires make it easier. I like the challenge of running on rock hard tires. It's fun, takes a little finess. Besides it's more real world since it's how I drive the car on the street anyway. The only drag radials I currently have are on 15 inch rims and 28 inches tall for another car. Wheels are too small and tire is too tall for my 02 camaro.
    Maybe someday if the car makes stupid power a set of drag radials will be bought specifically for the car to run 100% of the time. Right now the car is relatively easy to control and doesn't really do anything stupid.

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    60': 1.92
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    mph: 110.15

    Weight reduction= !spare and jack.
    2002 Z/28 A4
    12.67 @ 110.15
    03 GMC RCSB
    14.40 @ 94.53 mph
    02 Z06 Sold
    Pewter 2001 Z/28 M6 SOLD
    1/4- 11.15 @ 124.68

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