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Ran my car @ Atco on Saturday...

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    Talking Ran my car @ Atco on Saturday...

    Cars were breaking stuff left-and-right at Atco Saturrday - apparently the track was sprayed with extra VHT to help the Quick 8 cars get traction.

    The track was so sticky that another fast N/A Mach that drove down from New Hampshire to race me (goes by the nickname of "03AV8R") & his opponent broke their rear-ends on the launch pad.
    I counted 6 more busted rears as the day progressed - who knows how many I missed.

    As I was nearing the end of the staging lanes (only 3 or 4 pairs ahead of me),
    a '70 Chevelle ran a pass that held us up for about 2 1/2 hours...

    According to folks who saw the pass (I missed it), the Chevelle left HARD - it lifted the front-end so high that it was on the rear bumper.

    Unfortunately, he didn't/couldn't drive through it & he came down as hard as he went up.

    When he came down he smashed everything underneath, including the transmission pan, headers, etc. There was even some talk that the tranny case split open.

    After coming back down, the throttle got stuck and he ran into/along the wall, scraping down it for quite some time.

    The end result was many quarts of synthetic tranny fluid all over the right lane.

    After the long clean-up, the track let the last few pairs of Test-N-Tune cars run before starting the quick 8 and index classes (I was the last TNT car to run)

    Unfortunately, my slicks had lost ~ 2lbs of air from sitting in the staging lanes for hours - it had been sunny for a while when I set the psi and they lost pressure sitting for so long in the cold under now-cloudy skies.

    I checked the slicks & found them to be 10 psi - a lot lower than I usually run. I didn't have any time to go get my portable compressor at this point, so I just put on my helmet and waited for my turn to stage...

    After a nice lengthy burnout, I staged solo (my opponent broke in the burn-out box!) and ran the following pass:

    On the return road, a track employee told me to keep my passes to 11.50 or slower, so I packed-up & went home.

    Here's the videos:

    Angus66 11.46 pass

    03AV8R Breakage

    For what it's worth, I consider the above pass to be my "Back-Up" pass to the 11.35 & 11.48 runs I did @ Cecil a month or so ago.

    Although the mph wasn't as high as it was at Cecil, my slicks being aired-down so low could easily slow the car down 1+ mph on the big end.
    My mph on other runs at Cecil have also been higher than expected as well.

    The ET was in the same range as Cecil though, and I feel it could've been a low 11.3X or high 11.2X run with more air in the the slicks.
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    ... a little faster on the juice.

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    I am impressed that the rear end held up. I I know they are tough but damn. Just rev limiter and dump? Nice pass. Wish I could get that quick.

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    i'd be in the low 12's easy if i could launch and hook like that

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    Nice man~! Built Ford Tough.

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