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Power shifting

This is a discussion on Power shifting within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; The cam was already in it when I bought the car so I really dont know the size, and Im ...

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    The cam was already in it when I bought the car so I really dont know the size, and Im waiting till May to get it tuned, course I wont be driving it till then anyhow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HB of CJ View Post
    Two schools of thought here. First is that you need to "break (stop) the torque" to shift the tranny. This can be done two different ways, the first by lifting the gas pedal to let the mill "float", then shift the tranny WITHOUT the clutch. Takes practice and if you "miss" the shift $bad$ things happen. Not recommended.
    This requires way too much time to accomplish.

    Another way is to lift the throttle and shift while using the clutch. With practice you can do this very quickly. $Easier$ on the driveline. Safer too. Just like normal upshifting, but done very very quickly. Probably the best techinque. Takes lots of practice. You are drag racing with all that implies.
    This does indeed save parts, but won't get you the absolute best ET. It comes down to what that last hundreth of a second of ET is worth to you.

    The other school of thought is that just keep the pedal on the metal and "rip" the shifter WHILE using the clutch. Problem is again if you miss the shift the mill will go against the governor if you have one. If you don't, $ouch$ again. Abusive on the entire driveline. Not recommended.
    This is the definition of "power shifting" with a street-style manual transmission. It will result in the best ET (assuming good traction on gear shifts), but is also extremely hard on the driveline.

    Bottom line: If you want to go fast, you can't be afraid to break it.

    The last way to shift is to simply ram the shifter thru while standing on the gas without using the clutch. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL! Some drag manuals can be shifted this way, but all that energy has to go somewhere, usually dumped into the slicks that break traction. Ouch. Your choice. How $rich$ are you? Gots a good scattershield? Ever see a clutch let go? AUUGHHHH!
    This is not possible with a street-style syncronized tranny. It just can't be done.

    Like nitrorustler41 trannies are the hot ticket for super-fast powershifts. BUT - they are not much fun to drive on the street. I put up with it, but most folks wouldn't.

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