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new setup need help

This is a discussion on new setup need help within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; over the winter i have completely changed my setup and i dont know how its going to react i run ...

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    new setup need help

    over the winter i have completely changed my setup and i dont know how its going to react i run at a local 1/8th mile in mooresville the track is really old but in good condition heres the setup help me out if you can

    suspension wise:
    - all poly, engine trans and every bushing
    - stock sway bars
    - Bilstein HD's
    - Eibach Sportlines...i like the stance...yes its low
    - weld in BMR sub frames
    - Edelbrock STB
    - Lakewood non adjustable LCA's
    - LCA relocations
    - BMR adjustable panhard
    - UMI adjustable torque arm with DS loop

    Engine & Trans:
    all the basic bolt on's....ZO6 cam, ported heads, polished TB, PP intake, SLP lid, CAI, MAF(tuned), running the ZO6 iridium plugs, MAC mid lengths no cats, ASP 25% underdrive, SLP double roller, SLP blueprinted oil pump, 160 stat.

    Trans is a T-56 built with kevlar blocker rings uprgraded syncros, billet 3-4 strut keys, Hurts Billet Plus shifter, Nick Williams is going to be doing a complete rewrite on the PCM here in a few weeks. use mobil 1 synthetic ATF...i burn everything else...plan on installing a pump and trans cooler

    Rear End:
    -7 5/8" series 3 non TCS rear
    -Auburn Diff
    -Richmond 4.10
    -Moser 28 spline axles
    -TA Girdle preloaded @ 5 ft lbs on the main caps...thats what they said to use
    -Auburn said to use an 80w90 non synthetic with 4 oz limited slip additive

    so far ive always run on street tires Goodyear Eagle F1's they are really hard compound (420 treadwear) but they grip better than my sumitumo HTR+'s (180 treadwear) they dont break loose as 60 foot times suck like 1.8 is my best...i spin mad crazy if i launch any more than 1600 RPM....i dont straight up drop the clutch but i dont let it slip that much either...i just changed the entire rear setup...blew up my factory rear that had 3.73's oh by the way i have SLP roll control, just hooked it back up i had it undone...used tooo many rear tires. i trap at around 87 mph on a 1/8th mi...but i run a mid to high 8, like 8.7 on a good eve....but that was on my old setup...what do i need to do with this setup, besides get a set of slicks...or would i be better with an ET street? i guess im just lost and need some help...thanks guys

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    Sounds close to my setup... I used the Z06 cam with 1.8 rockers, now a compcams 581 lift cam. Of coarse, I'm running an auto trans w/ a 4600 stall. You really should try the M/T drag radials. I run with 21lbs in them and hook ! The stiffer sidwalls will improve your 60's alot ! My best 60' is 1.35 and 6.8 1/8 mile, 10.79 1/4 mile ( 150 dry shot ). Stock heads ported and stock bottom end.
    Spring is near !!! Good Luck !!!

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    If your looking for ultimate hook then go with a pair of M&H Drag Radials. If your on a budget then go with a pair of Mickey ET Drag Radials they work great too and a little cheaper.
    I would put a set a junkyard V-6 springs in the rear and it'll help hook GREATLY. And yes you can cut a 1/2 coil to get the same stance as the Sportlines. Because they are in NO way a drag spring made alowing weight transfer. If you push on corner of car now I bet it feels stiff like a truck....= No traction.
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