I took the ol beater to Jefferson Pageland again last night. The car ran extremely well. I did put a set of LCA's on it this week. (Bent one the week before last). Last time my best ET was 8.15@90..

Im doing something completly different now. Im running a .4 PRO Tree. There is a Series starting next week (TCI Heads up Super Series) They have a 8 Second Heads up Break out class (Run as close to 8 sec as you can.. still win and not breakout.. and they run a .4 Pro tree).. Im going to try to run with these guys next week.

1st Run:
R/T: .4318 (.4000 is perfect)
60 Ft: 1.97
330 Ft: 5.36
594 Ft: 7.64
1/8th: 8.16
MPH: 88.57

2nd Run:
R/T: .4620
60 Ft: 1.86
330 Ft: 5.33
594 Ft: 7.63
1/8th: 8.14
MPH: 87.89

3rd Run:
60 Ft: 1.99
330 Ft: 5.36
594 Ft: 7.65
1/8th: 8.16
MPH: 88.24

4th Run:
R/T: .5669
60 Ft:1.90
330 Ft: 5.29
594 Ft: 7.59
1/8th: 8.10

Im pretty happy with my runs. I did find several things that are going wrong. First problem is the wheels are spinning inside the rims. I marked them with a paint marker before I ran. The drivers side looks like it spun all the way around (Not sure how many times) The Passengers side looks like it went about halfway around. I think that could be hurting my 60fts in a bad way. I also noticed that there is a small bend in the torque arm. its bent right close to the rear end. Not sure if that is hurting anything.

So you know my car is completly stock save for a few stupid stuff. Lid/K&N,B&B cat back. And M/T Et Drag radials. (And Now some new LCA's)
The car is an M6 Leaving the line at 6000 RPM.. Very little tire spin...

Wish me luck next week in the class. Im thinking I will have to be running 8.0's to be competitive.. the guys at the track think different.. they say I will do very well..(I think they just want my Entry fee)