Last year I made a new best time in my camaro at Area51 Dragway in Roswell, NM. I had three 11sec passes best being as follows 60ft. 1.69 1/8 et 7.64 @ 91.44 1/4 et 11.93 @ 115.35. Temp was around 80 degrees and DA around 5800. Since then I did a few upgrades to the car. Moser 12 bolt 3.73 gears (factory was 3.23), Pulled the tranny and installed a kit from pro built automatics to handle more power. Also swapped stalls from a TCI streetfighter 3500 to a fuddle 4000 as recommended by fuddle for my mods. PST driveline and bmr torque arm. So last weekend I took the car to Penwell dragway in Penwell, TX. Temp was in the 70s and DA was much better around 4100. The best time I could get was a 60ft 1.67 1/8 et 7.81 @ 86.76 1/4 et 12.32 @ 109.17. This was very dissapointing because typically everyone I know runs about 2 tenths faster at penwell than roswell, so I was hoping for an 11.80 or better. The tranny did act a little funny it was stalling or slipping on the 2nd to 3rd shift and 3rd to 4th shift. Anybody have any clues as to what might be the problem? Sorry bout the long post.