I went to the Maple Grove drag strip in south easter PA last night. A friend of mine just got done putting a new suspension on his heavily modded 5.0 and wanted to see what it would do.

I didn't take my car for a few reasons. 1) its pulling timing and I haven't gotten that fixed. 2) The clutch isn't quite right.

I will say this though. There were a bunch of C5s there, none seemed too modded or anything, and none most all of them seemed pretty consistantly at about the 13.9 range. Nobody seemed to launch very well, but still... It was pretty warm when the racing started. Track temps were probably over 80. Once it cooled off that didn't seem to help much either, at least not the LS powered cars.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed in what the LS1 were doing out there. I did get to see a C5 z06 toast one of the supercharged Cobras, after the 'stang killed it off the line.