14.20 i ran in a bone stock 02 ss wit the 345 flow pac and a4 tranny..i hadnittos in the back but my axle pinion was leaking too bad! now the night i ran that time i waited in line for literly 2 hrs of turning my car on and off in line it was so busy cuz it was opening night...also my axle was leaking and my front tires where fryed..i think my car was so hot it seemed like the starter was going to give out i think in that line i turned it off and on atleast 20 times no joke now wit all that being said would that hurt my 1/4 mile time...my car a4 02 ss wit 20,000 miles at the time....what u guys think.......now i got a gmmg exhaust and eibach sportlines wit new front tires and a fresh oil change wit zmax and royal purple also ripped my back seat outt for fun and i fixed the leak sooooo what think it should run now?????