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how much hp is too much for a daily driver?

This is a discussion on how much hp is too much for a daily driver? within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Yeah I know Mason Dixon was packed as well...I guess due to those 70 degree temps in November....

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    Yeah I know Mason Dixon was packed as well...I guess due to those 70 degree temps in November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johns00Z28 View Post
    Yeah I know Mason Dixon was packed as well...I guess due to those 70 degree temps in November.
    yup it was nice out sunday.

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    My friends T/A is 12.8 on motor and its his DD around town just not on long trips for his work but i drive in it alot its not bad at all.

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    There is no such thing as too much HP/Torque. It's all relative to what you are willing to live with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jevonniespapi View Post
    Well, i think this is my first post at, so I thought Id get everyones opinion on how much power is more than enough for a daily?

    I have a 2000 z28 with 285 hp. Best time was a 13.7 in the quarter. I'd like it to be a 12 second car, and still drive to work everyday.

    Is 400 hp out of my league?

    Im not even sure how I'd get up to that mark (cant decide which direction to go for cheap/dependability) so I thought id ask to see if anyone even drives their "fast" car to work all the time.

    Ill be honest Ive seen cars heard of and actually know of cars that are daily drivers and have as much as 1200hp and are running as low as mid 8's in the 1/4. So you got plenty of room if you want a fast daily driven car. Although I dont drive my camaro everyday (I want to keep the miles low on it if your wondering why) it is capable of being driven everyday with 480rwhp on motor running 11.0x's to 10.90's and is complety setup for a 200 shot at the moment, which Im sure would run 10.0x easly or better out the back door and weighs in at 3816lbs with me in it.

    As far as how much hp is enough or too much for a dd thats hard to say. I would say do heads/cam/exhaust/tune and you should be at your 400 mark. Or just throw some juice on it.

    Not sure if you are looking for a fast dependable track car or just a fairly fast 400hp street car. The reason why I ask is because building a fast reliable track car is going to cost more than just modding ur car to be fast for the street.

    Cheap, Fast, Reliable you can only pick two.

    my current setup in parts alone was between 15 to 20K. Thats motor, intake, exhaust, transmision, driveshaft, suspension, wheels/tires, rearend, tune etc.

    I'll tell you that when I was running 12.30's to 12.50's it only took me tires, stall, gears, and exhaust and that was it. I was also only making 316rwhp at the time. Then I slapped some n20 on it and ran consitent 11.50's.
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