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how good is the G tech PRO ?

This is a discussion on how good is the G tech PRO ? within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; saw on ebay for 189 which is a good deal, just not really sur ehow good it works and flaws ...

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    how good is the G tech PRO ?

    saw on ebay for 189 which is a good deal, just not really sur ehow good it works and flaws

    any help thanks

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    I had one for a while... it was amusing, but i wouldnt pay more than $50 for one if i had to do it again. its' good for telling you if your mods help, but isn't entirely accurate. Although if you don't go to the track often, it might be a good way to guage your car's progress. :/

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    I have a g-tech and it workd great. My dad put it in his chevelle and ran it down the 1/8th. He ran an 8.42 on the lights and an 8.40 on the g-tech. The mph was slightly off, but not by much. Plus the G-tech measures hp, 0-60,70,100 etc. Plus it tells you your g's. It's an impressive product for the price.

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    always wanted to get one

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    I have a Beltronics FX2 ( similar product). I rarely get a chance to use it.

    I have managed a 5.15 secs 0-60 with my 0-60 ft at 2.20. I have horrible launches. lol

    I haven't actually did the quarter mile on it, because I don't know of a place I can safely go 0-105 mph that is straight. (other than the track)

    I did do a 1/8 mile once on it, and got a crappy 9.2 ( wasn't on flat ground, and I was just goofing around.

    PS I bought mine used off line for 80 bucks (i think that is what I paid)

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    Its a great toy, and can be a lot of fun.

    It is not a substitute for a drag strip.

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