Cut a 1.98 60' on street 285's on my first run under daylight launching at 2500 RPM and quit on the run to post a 8.91 1/8th mile @58mph. Then after the sun went down, I could not get any traction to save my life. I tried everything from launching at lower RPM's (2000rpm gave me 8.86-8.98 w/2.23 60') to even a 2nd gear launch (got traction, but BOGGED really bad @4000rpm ran 9.xx).

I'm kicking myself cause I think I could've posted a personal best had I kept my foot in it on the first run. I've never put down a 1.9X 60' but this is also the first time I've had the car out on the new wider wheels.

Do street tires do better when the track is still warm under sunny conditions?