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gears & converter

This is a discussion on gears & converter within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; i was thinking about changing my torque converter and gears, i can get an slp i think 2700 stall or ...

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    gears & converter

    i was thinking about changing my torque converter and gears, i can get an slp i think 2700 stall or a coan 3100 stall which one would be my better choice, the slp i can get for 250 the coan is 900 so i know which price i like better,and rear end gears i have a 323 now would 410 be allrite or 373 ive done no motor work and i really dont want to, id like to keep it as cheap as possible, any feed back would help thanks

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    stall wise I would look at a 3500-3600 and go yank or vigilante. I wouldn't put gears in a stock 10 bolt.....I would save that money to go elsewhere such as headers and/or a tune. The stock 10 bolt is a pretty weak unit and will most likely break on you at some point and all that money you put into the gears will go down the tiolet.

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    I run a coan converter in one of my cars, and love it. I've had 4-5 different converters over the years in this car and the Coan,,,hands down is the best converter I've ever had.
    Although never tried a Coan in a 4th gen though, as Orion mentioned,,,Yank and Precision Industries (vigilante) also make some good converters that are popular. I wouldn't bother with a small 2700 or even the 3100.
    I also agree, wouldn't waste my time with gears in the 10 bolt. You would be looking at spending about $300 for gears and a setup kit plus labor on top of that for the install.
    It would be cheaper and less hassle, to find a 10bolt pulled from a 6speed car that has 3.42's, and swap it. Not much of a jump from your 3.23's though, in which case I'd just leave it alone personally, since you don't want to do any motor work, the 3.23's work well enough for a stockish car.

    As Orion said, I'd go for some exhaust upgrades and a tune. That coupled with a converter would put your cars in the 12's even with your 3.23's,,,,,That's all I've done to mine and it's dipped into the high 12's on stock rubber already, without stellar 60 foot times and a 3,820 lbs. race weight.

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    I dont want to high jack this thread but i was thinking the same thing..But I have the 273 gears and i have a buddy giving me a complete rear with 342/373s.. But Iam wanting to do LT's/ORY before I do a stall...

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    3.73 for an suto car is best. I've had a 2800 stall and it was nice, but when I swapped it out for my vig. 3600 there was no comparison. If you want to go fast a 3600 is the minimal you will want to get. all the fast cars have the 3600 or bigger. I daily drive my 3600 3.73 setup no problem. Only change I would make is a yank ss4000 stall just to try it out.

    I've read multuple posts where people said they should have gone bigger on the converter, none where they said a 4,000 was to much.

    a 2700 is pretty much a waist. look up yank, they are having a special now and they are one of the best converters for these ls cars, those and vig.

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    i have a 2800 and it's great... may try a bigger one at some point but i need to get ETs for the 2800 first. car did a 13.0 on a 2.2 60' with the stock verter and same mods as i have now. a 4000 would be real fun but i was worried about the mileage... turns out, with lockup on the modern units, there is no real difference in mileage (between stock and 2800, maybe with 4000 there would be)

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    Not a big change in mileage with mine. I use a 3400 with 3.23's. Highway is the same of course. Around town I lost 2 mpg going from 22 to 20 mpg.
    Not a big deal.

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