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first time at track

This is a discussion on first time at track within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; well its official. i suck. i just cant get any traction(6sp). regular tires at regular pressure. there was a 05 ...

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    first time at track

    well its official. i suck. i just cant get any traction(6sp). regular tires at regular pressure. there was a 05 gto running the same mph but he ran a 12.9 @ 107 with 1.89 60ft(drag radials) can anyone figure out what i shoul br running?

    1st run. 60' 2.2

    1/8 - 8.8 sec 83.4 mph

    1/4 - 13.4 106.45 mph

    2nd run 60' 2.45

    1/8 8.9 84.01 mph

    1/4 13.54 107.5 mph

    3rd run 60' 2.27

    1/8 8.17 83.52 mph

    1/4 13.39 106.3 mph

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    yuor times aren't that bad considering you were spinning, get some good drag radials if you want a lower et.
    2000 auto camaro
    13.54 @ 104 2.049 60' stock 2.73

    12.94 @ 109 2.002 60' full exhaust, lid, tune, nitto 555r 2.73

    11.899 @ 114.44 1.686 60' full exhaust, lid, tune, nitto 245/50-16 555r 3.73 moser 12-bolt 2800 fuddle, ls6 intake manifold, slp under drive pully,fiberglass hood, bmr k-member

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    Dude, its your first time. Your not going to be a pro right away. Your times seem good just get your 60' down. If your on street tires lower the psi 5 pounds in the rears and try, just experiment. My best 60' is a 2.2 but I can't let pressure out for the fact, I didn't have a gauge, and no tank or anyplace to put air in. My best was a 12.90 @ 115, with a MPH like that I should be low 12's at least with a good 60'. The more you do, the better you will become.
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    I ran the same 60, time and mph with stock tires. my car is basically stock as well... i think blackss01 one is right..just have to keep going back and having fun!
    great vid!

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    Not bad, quit beating yourself up and just practice your launches. Your times were the same as mine before I put on my longtubes. Remember, get your 60 ft down .2, you will lower your ET by .2 or .25. I try to slip my clutch and tires equally, I have had a few 1.98 -2.01 60 ft times that way. Usually I am near 2.08 or so. I am putting on new tires (not slicks) this summer and will try those. No burnouts to warm them up tho, it cost me $750 for a set even tho I work at Goodyear!

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    98 z28

    the only thing u suck at in resizing avatars..j/k
    im gonna go to the track in the end of June and im prayin i can run that good

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    what size are your tires? they look bigger than 18's go smaller and lower the tire pressure until the tires stop spinnin, that got me from 13.6 to 13.4 in my stock z28.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverz28camaro View Post
    yuor times aren't that bad considering you were spinning, get some good drag radials if you want a lower et.
    true that, not bad, My first time at the track my first run I got 11.9 but with Nitto drag radials, bad stock clutch, and it bogged out on me a bit at launch
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    Are you driving through the water?

    If so that's a BIG no no! Drive around the water and only do a light haze on the tires to clean them off. Street tires don't like heat at all.
    Also you should go to the local junkyard and replace the rear springs with some used V-6 ones. Also if you just undo the 2 end links on the front swaybar it will allow the front end to gain a couple inches of travel to aid in weight transfer.
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