Took the T/A to the track for the first time last weekend. I went to Island Dragway in Great Meadows, NJ. I'm sure at least a few of you have been there before. My manager from work brought his "B18 swapped" CRX (POS) which ran a best time of 15.7, missing 3rd gear on his crappy transmission every time. Enough about that piece though.

First run I pulled a 13.6 @ 104MPH. Launch was pretty good, feathered the gas between 2-3K and came off the clutch quickly. Tires spun for a second or two, barked, and hooked up. First time drag racing with any car, I've been to the track before but never raced, so I was pretty impressed with my run.

Second run was better. Launch was worse than the first, but I ran it harder and pulled a 13.4 @ 106.4MPH. I wanted to run more than 2 runs, but there were a lot of cars there (mostly competition drag cars), so I didn't have a chance.

Here's the slip from the second run, I'm in the right lane, left lane was a 70's Olds, looked like a 4-4-2.