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First real go at the track

This is a discussion on First real go at the track within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; So I've had my car for almost a year now, my first time to the track, early in the season, ...

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    First real go at the track

    So I've had my car for almost a year now, my first time to the track, early in the season, was rather discouraging because of hydraulic failure. (bad clutch master/dirty fluid) I ordered a tick MC and installed it up and decided to give it another go before the track closed for the winter months. Mods are as follows: Flowmaster 40 series muffler with a 2.5 inch Y back, SLP lid, and Tick MC. My goal was to get my car to run 13.5x before I really added anything else to it. All of my friends said it wouldn't run 13.5s stock or with minor mods, and after seeing a 99 T/A with headers and a tune run 13.6x I was worried that my goal was a far fetch. My first good run of the day I ran a 14.1 @ 105, finished at the top of third and couldn't really see where the finish line was, and hit the limiter in 2nd. Hot lapped it, tried shifting at around 5.5k rpm and going into 4th. BAM, 13.56 @ 106. I played around a little bit with my shifting and launches and I ended the day with a best of 13.40 @ 108 MPH, needless to say I was very surprised with my car.

    Weather that day was about 65 degrees with 30% humidity, 245/50/16 BFG G-Force Sport summer tires, and a newbie driver.

    Let me know what you think, and what you think the car has left in it with a good driver, and a better 60ft.
    Sorry for the blurry ass pic, but I think you can make out the important parts.

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    Congrats! The 60' time is what really will make a difference. Lower control arms, subframe connectors and a panhard bar will all help plant the rear. Just don't go with sticky tires unless your rear is expendable. Our cars are quick right out of the box, it's just a lot more difficult with a manual transmission turning a good time. Trying different things is exactly what you did and that's the correct approach.

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    that 60' is pretty ugly......for every tenth you can shave there it's almost 2 tenths on the big end. Your car has 12's in it with a good 60'. Congrats on the track runs stuff huh?

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    good times for a stock car. get your suspension as before mentioned and you will pick up alot. Did you drop tire pressure down as well when you were running? Congrats on what you ran and good luck on getting faster.However get too fast and you'll get the same results as me and get kicked off the track.

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    Work on the 60' times by altering your launch rpm's and clutch release. Once you hook up you can shift at 6k easy and if you keep it straight you will see better and better times. The 01 LS1 engine can do great times with the right driver. Just work on it. I would also send the PCM to Frost for a tune, that will give you a tenth of so for 150 bucks. Good job.

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    tick MC? Nice times by the way!

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