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fayetteville, nc second time at the track

This is a discussion on fayetteville, nc second time at the track within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Ok second time I went to this track and second time I've drag raced my 98 Z. This is probably ...

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    fayetteville, nc second time at the track

    Ok second time I went to this track and second time I've drag raced my 98 Z. This is probably the 4th time I've drag raced on any track. Now with that being said I have posted a personal best of 13.42 at 104 mph.

    somethings I have a few questions about.

    I have fuzion z rated tires for my car right now and I'm not sure how low I should set my air pressure at the track. the first time I dropped it only a few lbs and ran a constant 13.7. This time I dropped the air pressure down to 20 lbs and i ran 13.42 to 13.55 all day. how much lower should I drop the psi, if any?

    when doing my burn out I try to drive around the water box but the way they spray the water I still get my back tires a little wet. so i usually try to wait til I see a little smoke so I know they are nice and hot. is this right?

    My camaro is a T56 and i'm still trying to figure out how to launch it best. I run the rpms up to 2800 then between the second and third yellow I drop the clutch by side stepping. anyone have any tips on how to do it better?

    As for shifting during my run I wait till about 5500 rpms to shift. I don't side step the clutch. I get wheel spin between 1st and 2nd with out doing it.

    I have the hypertech programmed in an SLP air box lid and smooth air bellows. no other mods. I have some planned but probably won't do them for a long time. (saving money for the new camaro and doing an engine swap in my other project that I plan to strictly drag).

    any help you all can give me I would be very greatful.

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    For street tires, I wouldn't drop it any lower than that... Congrats on the 13.42... keep trying, you're times will improve. Street tires, most people just recommend just spinning them a couple of rotations to just clean them off... drags are what you want smoking a little. But as far as launching, try a few different things, and see how your particular car reacts to them.
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