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EVO vs 98 Z28

This is a discussion on EVO vs 98 Z28 within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; The big time advantage the Evo has is awd. He will not spin on the launch if he knows his ...

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    How it goes down

    The big time advantage the Evo has is awd. He will not spin on the launch if he knows his car. You will spin on launch more likely then not. His car might be built, or he might just have tweeked the turbo, but having driven Evo's for work, I can tell you from personal experience, they have very little low end torque. But humongous top end. If you can pull on him (which you might in the first 2-3 gears but def not first) he will be gone in the last three. But he may not have time for that in a 1/4. And thats the only kind of race you want to run one of those in. On the backroads those things are deadly, and on the highway it all depends on the size of your balls, as both cars have gross speed capabilities. Long and short of it is I wouldnt race for money, but for fun, anytime.

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    speaking from personal experience with others in awd cars and seeing races the evo just doesn't have the gearing for the high speeds I've been aiming for. but he may have modded his evo for that. I have never said these cars were slow. I just believe he's using the awd as a crutch for not being able to drive a 2wd car to the same E.T. and he's talked mad shit. so my best bet is to take him to the high way. up to with the work I'm doing and getting done to top is where my car will shine most. my et's should be close to his in the 1/4. but like you said more then likely I'm going to spin out of the hole. I know my driving. I've either bogged the car down or spun the tires like a mfer. I'm still trying to figure out how to launch the car. I've only taken it to the track twice and I went from a 13.7 the first day to 13.4 the second time. if there had been a 3rd I'm sure I would have improved on that to. but there's no way to tell now seeing how I'm getting work done to the car while I've been deployed and then when I get back I'm doing some stuff then having a cam installed. after I get back I should be pushing around 400 rwhp. my problem is the tires and launching the car. I know that. give me a few weeks when I get back and I'll probably be able to launch the car a hella lot better. but we will see.

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