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Dropped .5 with the driver mod....

This is a discussion on Dropped .5 with the driver mod.... within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; and nitto's lol.... halloween night it was cool tho, they had scarecrows up on the staging lanes.... So last time ...

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    Dropped .5 with the driver mod....

    and nitto's lol.... halloween night it was cool tho, they had scarecrows up on the staging lanes....

    So last time i went to the track the best i could do with my bald Goodyear f1's was a 13.9 with a rediculous 2.3 60' time haha....

    this is much better...

    Reaction - 0.567
    60 ' - 2.162
    1/8th E.T. - 8.798
    1/8th MPH - 83.07
    1/4th E.T. - 13.46
    1/4th MPH - 104.8

    This was with about 150lbs of FULL stereo weight and a couple other things in the car, cd's etc. Full street weight...

    so im pretty pleased with where the car is, still wish i could cut those 60' times down, i did massive burnouts with the new tires and i could hear the literally sticking to the track lol.... i bogged it a few times, (not used to launching an F-body with traction lol) so its still got a few tenths faster in it.....

    whats really wierd is my friend wanted to run with me, so with an additional 150lbs i went right? i couldnt believe that...took a modded c5 out there with an extra person, we was running 13.8's all night

    my friend got some pics of the night ill try and get them up here....

    A Halloween to remember....

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    sounds good u made ur improvements. i need some sticky tires as well and possibly a driver mod. i went 13.73 at 105.96mph with a 2.19 60 foot. i have a little more power than u with a little higher trap speed, but i guess that doesnt matter if u cant put it to use. glad i read ur thread cuz i know i could potentially be around 13.4's. and i have about that much extra stereo weight too, but i dont think 150lbs, i would say mine is about 80. but i also have some sfc's which adds to it. my tires on the back r crappyu sumitomos and they r 18's. not the ideal drag setup

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    What are your mods arioch??

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    what mods do you have? and how wide are your tires? 275
    M6, Lid, Ported and Polished Throttle Body (By Me!), LT, Custom Catted Y, Electric Cutout, PHB, LCA13.21@108 with a 2.3 60'

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