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Drag Racing Track Tips

This is a discussion on Drag Racing Track Tips within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I figured that we should start a thread with all the useful tricks and tips or track runs that can ...

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    Drag Racing Track Tips

    I figured that we should start a thread with all the useful tricks and tips or track runs that can help your ET by doing simple things before race night.

    Two things I always do are the obvious dropping the tire pressure. I normally go with a 18 but all tires are different. I also disconnect my front sway bar to allow for better weight transfer. I am actually looking into having a set of quick disconnect end links built.

    Anyone have anymore easy free tips??

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    Kinda of a no brainer. But make sure all excess weight is out of the car. Like trash, luggage, tools, spare parts or tyres. Every little bit helps.

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    1. get there with half tank of 93 Premium gas? should take care of 7gallons..
    2. race with windows up,, duhh, that should be obvious, but just in case
    3. do a car wash the night before, I saw an estimate of anywhere 10-30lbs of dust, sand, mud.. on and under cars, depending on the season etc...
    4. if you got a turbo setup, look into race gas, better octaine that helps turbo boost...

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    Simple rules of thumb:

    1. Come to the track with no more then a 1/4 tank of gas.
    2. Leave hood up for car's engine to cool before your run.
    3. Avoid the water box if you are on street tires. It does no good to heat up street tires, and you're just tracking water down the track.
    4. Take out spare tire, jack stand, trunk cover, floor mats, and any trash.
    5. If you are on drag radials or slicks. Roll backward into the water box. Rev car up to catastrophic rpms, dump clutch, quickly but slowly press the brake pedal (Brake stand), and let the tires heat up. When you see white smoke, your DR tires will have optimal grip.
    6. If you are on street tires, and don't want to fry your clutch, don't launch above 2500 rpms, depending on track prep. If you are good at slipping clutch, ignore my comment.
    7. If you drive an automatic, put left foot on brake pedal. Tach car up to 1500 rpms (For stock cars). Release brake when you think you are going to hit a green light. Roll into the throttle (Don't DUMP IT). Watch M6 guy spin.
    8. On the lights, the best way to time them is to go as soon as you see the third ember (3rd yellow light). If you time it properly you should be close to a .000 light. Add whatever number you are given from your R/T to this number, to see what your reaction time is (Note that there are .500, and .000 trees, correct as indicated).
    9. Lower tire pressure. For street tires I really don't see the point behind having less then 20 psi. I believe you need a solid contact patch. With drag radials i've seen people go as low as 12 psi.
    10. Make sure to talk with as many fellow drag racers as possible. You can learn alot more from them then you can learn from a webpage. Plus you can find suitable competition. Don't just squash a civic and think you're a champ. Race a car that is equal in power level to yours, so you know it's skill.

    My $02.

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