This started out for my own use but I've decided to let anyone use it who wants to. Basically it's a site that lets you log all of your runs and then analyze them to determine how you are performing. It's simple for now but if reception is good I will continue development on it and add features. The site is 100% free to anyone who wants to use it, and sign up only takes a minute -

The site is new so if you run into issues, have a comment, or would like to see some new features, please use the "Contact Us" page and let me know. I will implement any new features that are in high demand and can add fields to the entry screen relatively easily. For instance someone on another forum requested D/A calculations and now there is an automatic feature that will fetch the weather conditions at the track you were running and fill in humidity/temp/pressure and D/A (you can still enter your own values if you want, though).

It is also compatible with smart phones (iPhone, Android phones), so if you have cell coverage at your track you could enter data into the site immediately after a run.

First shot is of the "Performance Report". This is basically a report of your performance over a given time period. You pick a date range and the site generates the report based on your runs within that range. In addition to what is shown in the screenshot there are graphs on this page that show your 1/4MPH & ET and your 1/8MPH & ET over the date range (so you can tell if you are improving):

There are also custom graphs available. For instance, you could generate a graph that shows your 60' time relative to your 330' time. Or you could see how your times differed based on which lane you ran in. For example here is a graph showing how the back half MPH gain progressed through the range:

Here's another I think would be useful - it is the 60' time based on the launch RPMs (although the same RPM was used throughout the day on this graph):

Screen to enter run data (like I said more fields can be added if they are requested - already added shift points, and opponent interval times):

Mods - I apologize if this is out of place. I have posted this on a couple other forums and the users liked it, so figured I would post it here.